Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have the confidence to finally make a handmade wardrobe?
Imagine sitting down at your sewing machine and knowing what you’re going to make …and how great it’s going to look and feel on yourself or your family and friends?

Would you love to *LOVE* making stuff?

Have you heard about Rae’s and Karen’s classes from one of our former students?

“Before taking the Handmade Kids Wardrobe class, I would classify myself as a beginner only occasionally sewing easy quilt tops.  With the help of Karen and Rae, I went from saying “Wow, I wish I could make stuff like that!” to “I can’t believe I actually made that!”  This class was invaluable and didn’t just kick my sewing up a notch, but 3 or 4 notches.  I leaned some clothing construction techniques that would have taken me years to learn by trial and error on my own!  The fun and relaxing atmosphere made it feel like we were all old friends gathering to sew.  I left the class with 5 great handmade pieces for my kids to wear, and some new friends too.” –Rosie E., Canton, MI


 “This class was so much fun!  I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I dressed my toddler in garments that I had actually made!  This class is great for anyone who has dabbled in sewing and would like to learn more about garment making.  Rae and Karen do an awesome job of presenting techniques in a way that is easy to understand – they are wonderfully supportive and helpful, and their patterns are easy to follow.   I enjoyed getting to know everyone in a casual environment.  My confidence and skills grew tremendously as a result of this class – it is worth every penny!!! “–Kellie S., Ann Arbor, MI

Or did you read about us in Craftzine or The Handmade Gift Guide?

Maybe you met one of us at a SEMiCrafty Meetup? Or read about the class on Rae’s blog?

How ever you found us, we are so happy you’re here!

Please have a look at our classes for a full description, or contact us with questions.